Monday, November 9, 2009

Snow Globe Posters - A.J & Y.Z

Today, We started our snow globe advertising posters for our Twilight Fair. We had to include where to find our stand, where the fair is, what time it starts and finishes and what we are selling. Our posters had to catch peoples attention, have BIG, Bold words and it had to be colourful. Here are four of our posters. Hope you like them!

Snowglobes! By m.l s.c

Today in Room 21 we finally finished our snow globes. We put ribbon and decorations around the bottom. Do you like our snow globes?

Simpsons Avatar by SB

A few weeks ago we made simpsons avatars for our magazine page on This is what mine looks like.

For Room 9 Nelson Central - A.J

Thank you for your comment Room 9. We have now worked out how much they will cost. The small Snow globes will cost $3.00, and the large Snow globes will cost $4.00.we are almost finished them all. Hopefully, we will be finished in time for the fair on the 20th.We got our prices because we need to make $100.00. We calculated the difference between the selling price and the cost of the items, and how much profit we needed to make. We also thought that if we wanted to sell them to children we needed to have it in their pocket money range.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Presenting The Simpsons! SW

For the school yearbook, we are making Simpsons avatars. To create your own, you must go to the Simpsons movie website and click on avatars. You get to change the guys outfit and choose his/her feature e.g. hair colour.It's a lot of fun and I think you should try this out too. Say hello to Burn, the newest kid in Springfield!

Simpsons Avatar Y.Z

Last week we made some Simpsons avatars for the school yearbook. We had lots of fun. You could pick your hair, eyes, mouth, practically everything. Some people went crazy!!!
Know here are some girls avatars.


Simpsons Avatar by ML

Room 21 made Simpsons Avatars for the school magazine. We started with the skin colour and we put some hair and eyes and a nose and a mouth. Next we put some clothes and some pants and shoes and we put some colour on the clothes. Go to the Simpsons movie website to make an avatar.