Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snowglobes AJ

Over the past few days,we have started to make snowglobes to sell for the fair.We started off by collecting glass jars with lids.We had to collect 60 jars.The next week,we talked about how much it would cost and the safety of using the glue guns. We started off gluing some rocks to the bottom of the base. Then,if we wanted,we could put some greenery in to make trees or bushes.Then we got little plastic figures to stick to the rocks.We had Santa, reindeer, Santa's sleigh, cherubs, small snowmen, big snowmen and dinosaurs. Next we are going to fill the snowglobes up with water and glitter and use sealent to seal it up. Then we are going to decorate the snowglobes with ribbons and paint. I bet we will have heaps of fun selling them and hopefully, we will make 100 dollars.