Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Botany Downs Monopoly SB

A few weeks ago we made games for our topic show me the money.I made a Botany Downs Monopoly with all the things in the school. (Well basically everything). I did the sets of building such as the office. The colours were the same ones for the proper Monopoly. I also did the prices. They are in the ones, tens and hundreds. I got the notes from my Monopoly at home. I also got the pieces(car,plane,cannon etc). I just brought the pot of gold, shoe, battleship and a old car. On the front there is a Ferrari California because on the proper Monopoly the is a car on the front. For the buildings I put in Auckland City, I put on a picture of the Monopoly man because its Monopoly. On the left hand side there is a arrow that stands for go. It uses one dice(of course).First one to get bankrupt loses.

School Cross-Country

On the 1st of September 2009 ,it was the School Cross Country.
1st every year... astounding!!!
S.C 1st place year 6 winner

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We have been learning to make surveys.

We would appreciate you taking the time to fill it out to help us choose an item to make for the fair.
Thank you.

Lemonade Survey

We are learning to make a survey.

We would appreciate you taking the time to fill in our survey to help us choose what to make for the school fair.
Thank you.

Photo Frames

We are learning to make surveys.

We would appreciate you taking the time to fill in our survey so we can choose what we are going to make for our school gala.

Thank you.

Christmas Stockings

We are learning to make surveys.

We would appreciate you filling it in for us so we can see the results on our spreadsheet. Thank you.

The Jewellery Survey


Snow Globe Survey

We have been learning to make surveys in Google Docs. Here is our survey and if you have time we would love you to fill it out.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

S.C's steady hand game

First I got a plastic teddy bear and a piece of cardboard. I then gathered some wires and a battery box, 2 l.e.d lights some wires and a soldering iron plus soldering wire. I drilled some holes in the teddy bear and soldered the wires to make it work.
What you have to do is get the wired wire to the end but if you touch the side the red l.e.d will shine and if you get to the end without getting a red light on the blue light goes on.
It took so long to make!!
I thought it was really fun to make and worth it all the way and now all the children are all asking to have a turn with my contraption.

Making Board Games

It was so fun making games! We all made differant board games and electronic games. My game is called The Simpsons, and my friend's is called Monsters Vs Aliens. They were both awesome and hard work. We had two weeks to make them, with no restrictions. We used glue pens, penciil posters

By MS and SB.

our games

For homework, we made board games. We could make them about ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M.L and E.O made them about spooky houses and dare or no dare ones. This is how we play them.
Spooky House: You roll a dice and move the number of spaces it lands on. If you land on a square that says pick up a scardey cat card or a dare devil card you do it. First one to the end wins.

Dare or No Dare: You roll a dice to see where you go, like a usual game, but if you land on a question, you have to choose dare or no dare. If you land on the flaps without having to go there you have to do it NO MATTER WHAT!!. There is 2 piles of cards, risk and lucky. If you land on them you have to do them. First one to the end WINS!!!!!!!!!!

By E.O and M.L
Here are the pictures of our games ...