Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Botany Downs Monopoly SB

A few weeks ago we made games for our topic show me the money.I made a Botany Downs Monopoly with all the things in the school. (Well basically everything). I did the sets of building such as the office. The colours were the same ones for the proper Monopoly. I also did the prices. They are in the ones, tens and hundreds. I got the notes from my Monopoly at home. I also got the pieces(car,plane,cannon etc). I just brought the pot of gold, shoe, battleship and a old car. On the front there is a Ferrari California because on the proper Monopoly the is a car on the front. For the buildings I put in Auckland City, I put on a picture of the Monopoly man because its Monopoly. On the left hand side there is a arrow that stands for go. It uses one dice(of course).First one to get bankrupt loses.


  1. I love this idea - very creative! Is it going to stay in the class to use for wet lunches etc?

  2. Wow you guys your blog is looking great!
    I miss you guys alot.
    How are your snow globes going?

  3. Hi KM.
    We miss you too!
    See our next post to find out how our snowglobes are going!