Tuesday, September 1, 2009

our games

For homework, we made board games. We could make them about ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M.L and E.O made them about spooky houses and dare or no dare ones. This is how we play them.
Spooky House: You roll a dice and move the number of spaces it lands on. If you land on a square that says pick up a scardey cat card or a dare devil card you do it. First one to the end wins.

Dare or No Dare: You roll a dice to see where you go, like a usual game, but if you land on a question, you have to choose dare or no dare. If you land on the flaps without having to go there you have to do it NO MATTER WHAT!!. There is 2 piles of cards, risk and lucky. If you land on them you have to do them. First one to the end WINS!!!!!!!!!!

By E.O and M.L
Here are the pictures of our games ...


  1. Cool games guys
    Its so hard to to choose wicth one is the best.

  2. Cool games guys
    Its to hard to choose which game is better than the other.

  3. Cool games guys
    They sound very interesting.

  4. Hi EO & ML
    Great Games! Great Blog! Great Photos, I'm impressed with your technology skills.
    From MO