Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Westie the Cat - Our Visitor

Westie is a tortoiseshell cat who comes to visit Room 21 nearly every day. She is cute, snuggly and frisky. All the students in the school try to pat her. Westie always distracts us from our work. One day we shut the door to keep her out, but she came in the window instead.
Westie likes to roll over on her back so we can rub her tummy. She loves all the attention we give her. Westie lives over the fence from school. Sometimes when we all try to pat her at once, she gets scared and runs away. Miss L can remember Westie coming around to the school last year when she was a kitten. She always ran away from the children then. Westie has got much braver.


  1. Wow!Westie comes in nearly everyday day!She must
    like you and your classroom.

  2. What a cute, gorgeous, little cat she is.

    From Room 14 JT, VM,and JG.

  3. I like your kitty.
    From M.E and M.S.

  4. Westie is sooo cute. CNB room12.

  5. Wow Westie seems adorable I wish that she will come visit room 12 especially since she comes in everyday you guys are soooo lucky. From J.L (room 12)

  6. I really like the photos of the cat Westie. By N.T T.T Room 12.

  7. Westie has been so cute, since last year. TW

    Westie sounds like a snuggly cat, I wish she was my pet. SV

    Westie is adorable. She reminds me of my own cat. AP

    How old is Westie? ML

    Last year Westie was scared of me. QT

    Westie was having an adventure in your classroom! KE

    It's good that Westie has gotten braver. CJ

    Westie looks a lot like my neighbour's cat, Milly. KM

    I wish Westie would come and visit our classroom everyday! JB

  8. That is very cute that you have a special cat visitor. It was funny how you wrote that you shut the classroom door but the cat came in the window instead!
    What a brave cat. Westie has got used to lots of children.
    At our school we have two twin siamese cats that come to Nelson Central. We don't see them very much because they are scaredy cats!